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Guest Speaker: Steven Fanning, Ph.D.

Asso. Prof of History (U of IL-Chicago), Author, will speak about his near-death experience, his miraculous healing, and how his life has changed.

Guest Speaker: Albert Taylor, Ph.D.

Former Aeronautical Engineer/scientist who was involved in NASA's International Space Station program. Author of "Soul Traveler."

Guest Speaker: Richard Sandore, M.D.

Shamans, Hallucinogens and the NDE

Guest Speaker: Keith Richardson

Author of "Andy Lakey's Psychomanteum" and a trained scientist with background in anthropology, psychology, and marketing....

Guest Speaker: PMH Atwater, L.H.D., honorary Ph.D.

"The Secrets in My Soul" For the first time! World reknown researcher, intuitive, speaker, speaks about her 3 NDEs and the revelations she has been given. Author of many books.

Guest Speaker: Deana Chase-Moore

NDEr, massage therapist, intuitive shares her wonderful and amazing experiences....

Guest Speaker: Susan Wisehart

Join us for a group Past Life Regression and more info about the powerful effects of this important healing tool, lead by one of Chicago's leading Past-Life Regression experts.

Sharing Session

Screening of the A&E special, Beyond Death, and another excellent presentation, Experiencing the Soul. A chance to view both of these excellent productions. Don�t miss it!

Guest Speaker: Bruce Greyson, MD

One of the world's foremost Near-Death researchers from the U. of Virginia, Editor of the Journal for Near-Death Studies

Guest Speaker: Sharon Gray Lester

NDEr, "Living Roots Connection", Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive from Seattle area.

Guest Speaker: Sue Storm

"The Angel Lady", 2 NDEs, author of 2 books---communicates with Angels and the Spirits of those passed...

Guest Speaker: Bill Torvund

NDEr, founder of Sanctuary of the On, Healer

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