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Guest Speaker: Rev Howard Storm

January 8, 2000

One of the most extensive and life-changing NDE stories on record, a "negative" experience

Other Ways to Have a Near-Death Experience.

February 12, 2000

Highlighting Diane Willis' Experience

Guest Speaker: Kimberly Clark Sharp

March 11, 2000

NDEr from Seattle, Washington, author of "After the Light"

"Other" Experiences

April 8, 2000

The Near-Death Experience and Forgiveness

May 13, 2000

Guest Speaker: Kathy Young from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

June 10, 2000

Beyond Death, The A&E Special

July 8, 2000

Children's Past Lives

August 12, 2000

Guest Speaker: PMH Atwater

September 9, 2000

Creativity and the NDE

October 14, 2000

Loss: The Caregiver's Experience

November 11, 2000

Aftereffects of the NDE

December 9, 2000

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