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Guest Speaker: Sharon Cohen

NDEr; dowser; A medical intuitive, Sharon is a gifted healer.


Guest Speaker: Lisa Stuckel

Near-Death Experiences from seven major brain surgeries and two strokes, profoundly changed a young woman into a dedicated volunteer who now changes others' lives.


Guest Speaker: Jenniffer Weigel

Author of "Stay Tuned: Conversations with Dad from the Other Side," Broadcast Journalist, Actress.


Guest Speaker: Denise Sutherland

NDEr; Angel Therapy Practitioner, Denise gives Angel readings and hosts the Higher Consciousness radio show on WJJG every week.


Guest Speaker: Julie Lapham, PhD

NDEr, part Cherokee, PhD in Philosophy, Chemical Engineer, born in England, now lives in NC and teaches Holotropic Breathwork and meditation.


Guest Speaker: Jim Macartney, MA

NDEr from Seattle, Rehab Counselor, Author of new book, "Crisis to Creation"


Guest Speaker: Geary Davis

NDEr, Gary has developed methods for healing mind, body and spirit and has a busy healing practice in the northwest suburbs.


Guest Speaker: Alex Hermosillo

NDEr, Gifted healer from Arizona, "The Happy Healer" on internet radio. Healing workshop available...details below.


Guest Speaker: Donna McCue

Near-Death Experiencer, Comedienne, author of Your Fate is in Your Hands,Donna helps people through her humor and psychic ability.


Two AMAZING Spiritual Movies!!!

"The Living Matrix", a film on the new science of healing....And "Something Unknown is Doing We Don't Know What", a fascinating spiritual journey into the science behind psychic phenomena.


Guest Speaker: Deana Chase-Moore

NDEr, massage therapist, reflexologist, intuitive shares her wonderful and amazing experiences and her uncanny ability to tune in to your past lives....


Guest Speaker: Stephen Damroth

NDEr as a result of being murdered by his brother. Profound story.

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