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Guest Speaker: Dr. Jeff Long, MD

Author of Evidence of the Afterlife...founder of, a tool of the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation.

Guest Speaker: Peter Shockey

NDEr; Acclaimed film-maker and screenwriter...We will show his award-winning video, LIFE AFTER LIFE, during the first half of the meeting. Please be there at 2 pm sharp!

Reincarnation Movies: True stories of stunning reincarnation events.

You chose the videos! Now here they are!

Guest Speaker: Randolph J. Rogers

"His book, THE KEY OF LIFE, is a consciousness-raising self-help detective story that can lead you to examine the everyday details of your life." ~Peter Michalos, Author of Psyche, a Novel of the Young Freud, (Nan A Talese, Doubleday)

Guest Speaker: Bruce Leininger

Author of "Soul Survivor," converted to belief in reincarnation by his young son, James, who remembered being shot down during WW II.

Guest Speaker: David Kessler

Author; One of the most renowned experts on death and grief in the world

Guest Speaker: Anthony Cicoria, MD

Doctor, struck by lightning, has NDE and comes back as a pianist and composer.

Guest Speaker: B. Anne Gehman

NDEr, Married to former Jesuit Priest, Certified medium - one of 100 top psychics in the US, Spiritualist Minister, worked with Dr. Gary Schwartz at the U of AZ.

Guest Speaker: Kenneth W. James, PhD

Jungian Psychoanalyst, will speak on Jung's view of the near-death experience, Asso Spiritualist minister, psychic medium

Movies, Movies, Movies

Raise your vibes with some stunning videos...a wonderful afternoon of mystical fun, both entertaining and informative!

Guest Speaker: Kelly Standing

3 NDEs; Humorous Motivational Speaker, Author

Guest Speaker: Joe Wolfe

NDEr, 10 years in prison, author, acclaimed ACIM teacher

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