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October 8, 2011

Raise your vibes with some stunning videos...a wonderful afternoon of mystical fun, both entertaining and informative!

Two Fabulous Full-length Feature Films. Both of these movies are entertaining and informative...Bring your own intermission.
First movie begins promptly at 2 pm.

At the September 10 Chicago IANDS meeting....130 in attendance...YOU chose the two videos to be shown at the next meeting. They are both excellent and hard to find...Amazon had only one copy of Beyond Death available...for $140, and several copies of Experiencing the Soul...for $85. So better come to our meeting and see it for a relatively small donation.....

BEYOND DEATH - Mainstream researchers, mediums and those who have had near-death experiences help explore the eternal mystery of what awaits us when we die *We are all destined to die, and there is no escape.
But perhaps it is this inevitability that inspires us to continually seek answers to the question: WHAT

This feature-length film explores the eternal enigma from every angle, meeting with everyone from mainstream scientific researchers to mediums in search of insight into what is in store for us. Skeptics detail their arguments. A dramatic and vivid counterpoint is provided by several people who have had near-death experiences, and their extraordinary tales are pointed to by others as proof that there is indeed another chapter to be written after we pass away. Probing and illuminating, this is an extraordinary journey into a realm that has captured the human imagination for millennia - the quest for the afterlife.

What is the soul? Although the word is dropped into conversation with a clockwork-like regularity, when
pressed, most people struggle to define what they mean when referring to the soul. This compelling program aims to find out how we define the soul, speaking to 18 preeminent leaders in their respective fields of
science, teaching, and spirituality, in an attempt to gain a broad overview of the subject. Some spooky revelations unfold, as the various experts talk of communicating with the dead, near-death experiences, and
encounters with as-yet unborn entities. Fleshing out the footage, The Dalai Lama and other spiritual leaders offer some wise words, making this a fascinating collection of thoughts on an elusive subject.

Reviews for Experiencing the Soul from

1. I viewed the film as a rental (in fact, twice in one week, which is very rare for me) and appreciated it so much that I am now buying it.

This film is a series of people's personal accounts of their real life experiences, not a presentation of a single philosophy or point of view. Each person is telling a story of an experience they've had where they have felt closer to something or someone that could be called the soul or spirit, the divine, God, Jesus, a higher power, a different dimension, clear light, or however each person chose to express themselves. I found the film to have no particular prejudice or religious leanings, as we hear from Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, atheists, a very broad spectrum of religious or spiritual beliefs. In fact, one of my favorite aspects of the film is that it provides such a diverse range of perspectives rather than trying to steer us towards some particular belief system.

I couldn't even say that it espouses a firm belief in reincarnation. Some of the stories implied this belief, but not all, again representing a cross section of beliefs. For example, the primary storytellers about Pre-Birth experiences of the soul were a couple who were so devoutly Christian that the mother describes how she is visited by Jesus who answers her prayers by stopping a miscarriage and escorting her unborn child, who has been reluctant to come onto this earth and be born.

What particularly attracted me to the film is that it looked at the entire cycle of life and how individuals have experienced this at each stage: before birth, during their lives, at death, and after death. I have seen and enjoyed several films about Near Death experiences, particularly those by Dr. Raymond Moody, one of the leading researchers in Near Death experiences. But this is the first film I have encountered that looks at the whole cycle of life and death.

2. I am an avid film buff, viewing 5-7 films a week. Most of them are spiritually oriented, or at least inspirational or educational enough that I feel enriched after watching them, rather than simply entertained (although it\'s great if I am also entertained in the process of being inspired or educated). So I am quite discriminating about what I consider to be a good film, especially one good enough to buy rather
than just rent. And I found this filmmaking to be very well done, with a well-edited blend of these individuals or couples telling their stories, beautiful artwork, an excellent soundtrack, and even some very funny moments. Jean Houston is so funny in telling her stories she could be a stand-up comedian, which is what her father wanted her to be anyway (it's part of her hilarious stories). The music was so good, that I\'m
also hunting for music by the two soundtrack musicians. There are some well known people telling their stories (Jean Houston, Joan Borysenko, Ram Das, H.H. The Dalai Lama, etc.) as well as many of us more "common folk."

So I highly recommend this film to people who really want to explore the possibility of experiencing the soul. But I do think it wise to rent any film first, including this one, to see if you like it enough to buy it. If you can\'t find it at your video store, Netflix has it. If you're not a Netflix member, you can get a free trial for a couple of weeks and make this one of your selections. Then if you do like it, I think it would be worthy addition to your spiritual film library.

3. I was like the previous reviewer. I had rented it and after watching it the first time, purchased it before I had even returned the rental! I loved the content, it gives one hope and a small glimpse into what lies beyond our human experience. How lovely to know that there is a life we can barely imagine, waiting to be returned to. And I didn't learn this fact from the video, I have been studying this subject for many years and already believe, no I KNOW, that there is more that lies beyond this brief stay on Earth.

This video illustrates it so beautifully with people who have had a glimpse into that wonderful place that is our true Home. People who are dying yet unafraid as they are being shown what is yet to come. My own Mother saw her Mother as she died. She came to take her Home. There is no specific religion addressed here, only the fact that there is more to life than living and dying. And that it is something to be totally unafraid of. In fact physical death is only the beginning of something great; it is a step in the evolution of our souls.

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