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View Chicago IANDS Meetings 

View full-length videos of Chicago IANDS presentations.

One of our Pet Projects: Doing Time, Doing Vipassana 

Why is this not utilized in every prison in America? (Alabama is the only state using it.)

International Association for Near-Death Studies 

(IANDS) provides more information on the organization as well as links to other support groups around the world.

The Theosophical Society in America 

A branch of a world fellowship and membership organization dedicated to promoting the unity of humanity and encouraging the study of religion, philosophy and science so that we may better understand ourselves and our relationships within this multidimensional universe. The Society stands for complete freedom of individual search and belief.

The Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation 

Gives information about this major pioneer into near-death studies. Find out about her books, biography, current situation, and much more.

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife 

Contains many Near-Death accounts as well as other related information.

Seattle IANDS 

The Seattle chapter of IANDS.

P.M.H. Atwater 

Near-Death researcher, experiencer, author and lecturer on Near-Death Experiences.

The Science of Near-Death Experiences 

Empirically investigating brushes with the afterlife…Article by Gideon Lichfield. April 2015 issue of The Atlantic.

Afterlife Knowledge 

Contains information on afterlife put together by Bruce Moen.

Raymond A. Moody, Jr. M.D. 

Psychiatrist, researcher and author on Near-Death Experiences. Author of Life After Life.

Children’s Past Lives 

Connect to past life memories of young children through author and researcher Carol Bowman’s exceptional work.

Near-Death Research Foundation

The largest NDE web site anywhere, has many personal stories as well as an excellent set of links. Founded by Jeff and Jody Long.

Trinfinity 8 

A tool for awakening positive vibrational change. Web site of author and experiencer, Kathy Forti.

Spiritual Awakenings International, Inc.

Spiritual Awakenings International (SAI) is a non-profit worldwide network of individuals and groups who are interested in collaborating to raise awareness, network, and share personal experience relating to diverse types of Spiritually Transformative Experiences, “STEs”, to raise global spiritual awareness.

The End of Life Advisor

Nurse and Lawyer, Susan Dolan's, excellent book on what everyone needs to know.  This web site is packed full of good end of life advice.

Shanti Children's Foundation

Director Pam Whitworth, formerly from Chicago, has taken care of dozens of poor children from the area surrounding Kathmandu, Nepal, over the last 20 years.  Chicago IANDS pays for the education, housing, clothing, books, fees and other needs for three children from this organization.   Please read through their informative web site and consider adopting a child of your own.

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