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Guest Speaker: Eileen Grace, R.N.

Two NDEs, Hospice Nurse, End of Life Expert, Past-Life and Akashic Reader....

Guest Speaker: Steven Fanning, PhD

Intense NDE, healing from his broken neck, and the gift of healing ability, changed the life of this UIC History Professor

Guest Speaker: Alma Blazquez, Ed.D.

Intense Near-Death Experience - 2 1/2 years ago which she is now processing....

Guest Speaker: Dennis Markowitz

Very successful healing facilitator from Murrieta, CA....

Guest Speaker: Anne Archer Butcher

NDEr; Author of "Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright". Come and learn to use your own "Inner Guidance."

Guest Speaker: Dennis Markowitz

A Very Gifted Healer, Dennis is returning due to popular demand and a family emergency for Sharla Rae Jahnke. There is no one like Dennis. Don't miss him!

Guest Speaker: Rich Martini

Chicago native, Author, Filmmaker, Award-winning American film director, producer, screenwriter and free lance journalist.

Guest Speaker: Howard Storm

One of the most extensive and life-changing NDE stories on record, a "negative" experience

Guest Speaker: Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD

Teacher, Consultant, Clinician and Author....World authority on Sound Healing.

Movies, Movies Movies

2 full-length professional movies. These special movies are entertaining and informative...Bring your own intermission. First movie begins promptly at 2 pm.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Mary Neal, MD

NDEr, A surgeon who was skeptical of near-death experiences, until she experienced her own....from Jackson, WY.

Guest Speaker: Beth Peterson

NDEr; Author "Life After Lightning";mother of two, Army veteran, and two-time lightning strike

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