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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Howard Storm

August 8, 2015

One of the most extensive and life-changing NDE stories on record, a "negative" experience

Howard Storm was born in Newton, MA, in 1946 and for many years, he
lived the American dream. He had a fine home, a family, and, for 20
years, a successful career as an artist and art professor at Northern
Kentucky University. Like many of his colleagues in the academic
community, he was an atheist, believing that "When you die, you die,
and that's it."

In June, 1985, he took a group of his art students to Paris. Without
warning, he found himself in the hospital in excruciating pain, awaiting
an emergency operation and he realized with horror that his death was a
real possibility.

Storm was totally unprepared for what was to happen next. He found
himself out of his body, staring at his own physical form. But this was
no hallucination; he was fully aware and felt more alive than ever
before. In his spirit form, Storm was drawn into fearsome realms of
darkness and death, where he experienced the terrible consequences of a
life of selfishness and materialism.

However, his journey also took him
into regions of light where he conversed with angelic beings and the
Lord of Light Himself, who sent him back to earth with a message of

Following his near-death experience, his life was transformed. He
eventually studied to become a pastor and in 1992 was ordained in the
United Church of Christ. He became pastor at Zion United Church of
Christ in Cincinnati, Ohio, spent extensive time and energy helping a community in Belize, and is now retired.

On numerous occasions he has communicated the message he received from his experience to various groups and
through the media, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, 48 hours and the
Discovery Channel. He wrote an account of his experience, "My Descent
into Death," which was published in 2000.

<i> "...I consider Howard Storm's near-death experience one of the
greatest that I am aware of..." ---George Ritchie, author of "Return
From Tomorrow" and "Ordered to Return." <i>

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