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Guest Speaker: Anne Archer Butcher

May 9, 2015

NDEr; Author of "Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright". Come and learn to use your own "Inner Guidance."

Anne Archer Butcher is an award-winning producer and writer, wife and mother, businesswoman, and member of the Eckankar clergy who speaks at international gatherings.

Swept out to sea and miraculously rescued by dolphins; cast out of her body in a near-death experience after a head-on collision with a truck; facing her deepest fears; resolving difficult karmic connections; accepting grace; struggling with malaria; inspiring her high-school students to greatness. Throughout all these ordeals, adventures, and profound experiences, Anne Archer Butcher received clear and reliable inner guidance that helped her and others survive and thrive.

Anne shares these astounding stories and many more, not just because they make great reading, but because they contain insights to help you connect with and benefit from your own inner guidance. A spiritually richer and more confident life is yours for the asking.
“Inner guidance,” she says, “is an exceptional spiritual tool. It opens the door of the heart to divine assistance, like having the wisest person in the world at our shoulder, helping with every decision.“

Anne received her Bachelor’s Degree from Ball State University and a Master’s Degree with endorsements in English, Art, and Education from Indiana University. She taught for twelve years and specialized in Alternative Education for gifted, talented, and disaffected students.

She now works as a producer and writer with celebrities and top companies, including the Trump Organization and nonprofits like the Boy Scouts of America. Working with McGraw-Hill, she recently created two top NY Times bestselling business books. She also speaks and shares her story with thousands of people in professional and spiritual groups around the world.

Anne and her husband recently moved to a small island off the coast of South Carolina, which is where she was rescued by the dolphins.

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