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Guest Speaker: Dennis Markowitz

June 13, 2015

A Very Gifted Healer, Dennis is returning due to popular demand and a family emergency for Sharla Rae Jahnke. There is no one like Dennis. Don't miss him!

Dennis Markowitz prefers to be called a "Facilitator" as opposed to a "Healer." He is adamant that he is not the one doing the healing, but rather the one who facilitates the loving Divine energy of which we are all constructed and repaired. His intention is to relieve/eliminate discomfort, pain and suffering.

Mr. Markowitz' initial studies were at the California School of Massage Therapy, where he received a Holistic Health Practitioner Degree. In 1993, he began his Holistic Health practice under the name *California Body Care*. He then continued studies in Reiki and Sukyo Mahikari and eventually, in 2005, he was privileged to begin his studies in Pranic Healing under the very esteemed and knowledgable founder of Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and his disciple, Master Stephen Co. He graduated in 2006 with an Associate Pranic Healing Certificate.

Since then, he has also become a Certified Pranic Instructor and Lecturer for doctors, nurses, therapists as well as a facilitator for the general public. He and his co-lecturer, Carol Cole, Ph.D. (a USC professor) have been conducting a very successful love workshop for 8 years. Together with Julie Payne, he and Carol also developed a program called "G.P.S.", for outpatient care in Temecula, CA. This program caters to addiction, phobias, and pain and has repeatedly produced phenomenal health results for a variety of debilitating and chronic illnesses and addictions.

A successful line of internationally known skin care products, *California Body Care*, has been developed by him and is available online at

For more information, please see

Certificates & Specialty Holistic Training:

Associate Certified Pranic Healer,
Certified International Pranic Instructor,
Pranic Psychotherapy & Addictions,
Pranic Crystal Healing,
Pranic Feng- Shui,
Pranic Psychic Self Defense,
Pranic Super Brain Yoga (Cognitive Challenges).

Holistic Health Practitioner - Instructor,
Massage Specialist - Therapist ,
Traditional Chinese Therapeutic,
Pregnancy and Hospital Massage,
Advanced Sports Injuries - Pre-Post Event,
Deep Tissue Techniques,
Advanced Special Techniques,
Structural Kinesiology,
Advanced Acupressure,
Vital Force Energy Systems,
Inner Buddhism revealed,
Specialty Headaches,
Advanced Aroma Therapy,
Arthatic Yoga.

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