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Guest Speaker: Adrienne Shaps, J.D. C.B.T.

NDEr, Lawyer, and Healer will relate her story.

Guest Speaker: Julia Barnes Walker

Traditional Healer/Medical Intuitive has memories of being with the Light as a small orb before she was born. Author of "Changes and Choices" and "The Oneness Model."

Guest Speaker: Judy Goodman

NDEr, Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher from Atlanta, GA

Guest Speaker: Roby Rogers, M.D.

Associate Professor, U of Wisconsin Medical School in Madison, faced her own NDE and changed the way she practices medicine.

Guest Speaker: Betty Bland

President of The Theosophical Society relates how her near-death experience put her on her spiritual path and how the NDE integrates with Theosophy.

Guest Speaker: Sharon Heller

NDEr, now from Austin, TX, blossomed into Waldorf teacher and Brain GymÆ Instructor after her NDE

Guest Speaker: Susan Wisehart

Join us for a group Past Life Regression and more info about the powerful effects of this important healing tool.

Guest Speaker: Thomas Gates

Back by popular demand! Healer, known for successful group and individual healings, will tell about his NDE and do an extensive group healing.

No local meeting. National conference is in Virginia Beach, VA, September 8 - 10.

Guest Speaker: Mellen-Thomas Benedict

NDEr from CA, will talk about his extensive experience on the other side and will focus on the practical application of the information received.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Allan Botkin, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist and after-death researcher discusses powerful treatment which releases patients from grief. Author of
"Induced After-death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief And Trauma"

Guest Speaker: Dannion Brinkley, DOA

Spend the afternoon with one of the most celebrated NDErs in the world. A great opportunity!

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