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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Julia Barnes Walker


February 12, 2005

Traditional Healer/Medical Intuitive has memories of being with the Light as a small orb before she was born. Author of "Changes and Choices" and "The Oneness Model."

Before she was born, Julie remembers being a small orb of light whose who reason for existence was to "observe the Light." After much persistent arguing, she was finally allowed to come to Earth.

Julie now serves as a medical intuitive from her home base of Wilmette, Illinois. Over the years she has worked with people from all over the globe in the healing arts.

For almost a decade she lived in Swaziland and South Africa with her family where she worked with traditional healers from various regions. While in Swaziland, she began to explore and develop models of evolution related to healing and the sciences based on observations of evolutionary patterns. Currently, she is working on multiple applications of the Oneness Model. She also gives workshops on \"Changes & Choices\" and \"The Oneness Model.\"

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