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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Adrienne Shaps, J.D. C.B.T.


January 8, 2005

NDEr, Lawyer, and Healer will relate her story.

Adrienne Z. Shaps, J.D.C.B.T., had a near-death experience in 1977,
which put her on a spiritual path as a healer. She has been clairvoyant
since childhood and many forms of healing had been revealed to her
before and after her near-death experience. She works with people,
animals (dogs, cats and horses) and plants with \"Bodytalk,\"
incorporating other modalities before or after Bodytalk. She seeks to
balance the energies of all living things.

She has studied Bodytalk, dna Possibilities, Himalayan Bowl Healing,
PsycheOrientology, Atlantean Crystal Healing Bed Sessions, and Hands On
Healing---and has completed courses with Jose and Tony Silva, Richard
Rudis, Margaret Ruby and John and Esther Veltheim.

Adrienne is also an Ordained Minister, and a lawyer with an active law
practice in Chicago. In her spare time, she is working on a self-help
book on healing methods which will allow one to work on oneself or
one\'s family at home.

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