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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Sharon Heller


June 11, 2005

NDEr, now from Austin, TX, blossomed into Waldorf teacher and Brain GymÆ Instructor after her NDE

Sharon Heller had a profound 3-day Near-Death Experience in the fall of
1977 which dramatically changed her life. Having already travelled a
spiritual path for years and having lived an remote existence in the
Rocky Mountain \"wilderness\" prior to her NDE, Sharon was re-directed
to be much more involved, purposeful, and of service in the practical
day-to-day world.

Sharon journeyed to Detroit, Michigan, to complete a B.A. and become a
certified Waldorf teacher. She taught pre-kindergarten through 10th
grade and has been a mentor/consultant to public, private and charter
schools. She became a licensed Brain GymÆ Instructor in 1987 and a
full-time practitioner in 1991, serving countless people in that
capacity. In 1991 she also co-founded and coordinated Austin IANDS.
Sharon still lives in Austin, Texas, where, recently (at age 54) she
obtained an M.S. in Community Health Administration and Wellness

In all she does, Sharon uses her intuition and brings the knowledge of
Love, Light and Wisdom she experienced on \"the other side\" to her work
and play. She considers herself a \"life artist\" and her purpose to
assist others to understand how to live each life as a precious gift of

<tt><i> Sharon Heller will be doing private sessions on Sunday and
Monday, following her talk. Using her considerable intuitive gifts to
guide her sessions, Sharon instructs individuals in physical movements
which enhance learning and performance in all areas. The NDEr and the
spiritual aspirant will especially appreciate this program, which is a
modern-day path to mind/body/spirit integration. This method is also
valuable for those with physical, mental and/or emotional challenges.
$85/hr. To sign up, call Chicago IANDS: 847.251.5758 or email: info </i> </tt>

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