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Guest Speakers: Billy Luke and Mary Fleming

January 13, 2007

Past-Life Parents: Amazing stories of reincarnation, including one in the same family, which was featured in Carol Bowman's book, Return From Heaven.

Guest Speaker: Asia Voight

February 10, 2007

NDEr, Gifted Animal Communicator,died 4 times

Guest Speaker: Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D.

March 10, 2007

Bio-physicist, NDEr, Healer---from Seattle.

Guest Speaker: Kimberly Clark Sharp, MSW

April 14, 2007

NDEr, Author, Seattle's Near-Death Comedienne!

Guest Speaker: Shelley Yates

May 12, 2007

NDEr from Nova Scotia

Guest Speaker: Juelle

June 9, 2007

Author of "The Walk-in," NDEr,Intuitive

Guest Speaker: Dr. Ron Cavenaugh, Psy.D.

July 14, 2007

Director of Treatment, State of Alabama Prison System; 3 Videos of Buddhist Meditation used in prison systems...outstanding!

Amazing Meditation videos!

August 11, 2007

Three Films outlining the use of Meditation in Prisons:
Doing Time, Doing Vipassana,
Changing From Inside,
Freedom Behind Bars

Guest Speaker: Yolaine Stout

September 8, 2007

NDEr from Suicide Attempt; President of IANDS

Guest Speaker: Deana Chase-Moore

October 13, 2007

NDEr, massage therapist,reflexologist, intuitive shares her wonderful and amazing experiences....

Guest Speaker: Robert Schwartz

November 10, 2007

Author of Courageous Souls, will talk about his "Bliss" experience and how it changed his life...

Guest Speaker: Paul Elder

December 8, 2007

3 NDEs; Author of Eyes of an Angel, Politician, Reporter, teaches Remote Viewing....

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