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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Paul Elder

December 8, 2007

3 NDEs; Author of Eyes of an Angel, Politician, Reporter, teaches Remote Viewing....

Paul Elder has spent a lifetime studying human nature from a unique
perspective. He is a survivor of three near-death experiences: a
drowning at the age of 12, a car accident at 17, and a heart attack at
the age of 41. Along with the trauma and subsequent beauty of death came
a series of spontaneous spiritual events — events that would turn his
belief system upside down, leaving him with profound insights as to our
true nature and purpose in the universe.

After spending nearly a decade as a radio and television news reporter,
Elder ventured into a career of politics and business spanning more than
20 years. Forever grateful for his near-death experiences, his spiritual
insights helped to mold and deeply influence his approach to politics,
business, and life.

Now a trainer at the Monroe Institute in Virginia, Paul lives on
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and spends his time writing,
teaching, and speaking throughout the United States and Canada on the
phenomenon of near-death and out-of-body experiences.

For more info, visit his web site:

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