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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Juelle

June 9, 2007

Author of "The Walk-in," NDEr,Intuitive

In one remarkable exchange of spirits, Shari\'s soul left her body and
Juelle\'s soul moved in. This is the story of a spiritual journey of
change, growth and expanded consciousness.

Juelle \"walked-in\" 16 years ago, to a life perfectly prepared for her
by the walk-out, Shari. Since then, her mission to facilitate the
creation of heaven on earth has accelerated.

Juelle has worked in the field of metaphysics as a teacher and
international workshop facilitator for the past 20 years. She is a
conscious channel who acts as a third-dimensional conduit for \"The
Concil of Twelve.\" She has published many magazine articles on walk-ins
as well as on other topics related to practical spirituality and
planetary evolution.

She and her husband, Donovan, founded Light Star Mission. Together they
conduct workshops as well as private counseling sessions all across
North America and also conduct international spiritual pilgrimages.

Juelle creates her own heaven on Earth by hiking in the mountains,
growing flowers, exploring the seashore and traveling with Donovan. They
have lived in many exotic places, including Costa Rica and Thailand and
they currently reside in Colorado.

Juelle will be giving private one-on-one readings on Sunday and Monday,
June 10 and 11. For more info, call Chicago IANDS at 847.251.5758.

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