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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Shelley Yates

May 12, 2007

NDEr from Nova Scotia

Shelley Yates, 41, is an ordinary woman on an extraordinary journey. She
lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, and has not only died and come back, but
had the wonderful good fortune to come back with a message of hope and
love for our earth and its inhabitants. Shelley first learned how to
apply her new knowledge from beyond to bring her son back from death in
an unprecedented display, using the power of faith, love and the
manipulation of personal human energy. Her son returned whole and happy.
She was told \"what you did for a dying boy with a small group of people
you can do for a dying planet with a large group.\" She shares her story
of miracles and her knowledge of human energy potential with all that
are willing to listen. Her final outcome has been the creation of a
world project in which all of humanity can contribute to change the
earth we live on, creating prosperity, peace and healing for all that
desire it.

Shelley Yates and her son, Evan, were drowned in 2002 when their car
hydroplaned off the road, overturned, and sank to the bottom of a
flooded marsh in Nova Scotia. Shelley was trapped in the car. A voice
told her not to struggle or she would not be able to be revived when she
would be rescued. She had never heard such a voice before this. She did
not believe in God. She says of herself, \"I was a \'diehard
atheist\'.\" Yet, she did not struggle, and she drowned. It was 15
minutes before she was rescued.

After she was revived, she alerted the EMT\'s to find her son, who was
age 4 at the time. Close to 30 minutes passed before he was pulled from
the water. It took more time for the EMT\'s to get him breathing again.

At the hospital, he was diagnosed as brain dead with non-viable organs,
and given only 1% chance of surviving. However, Shelley was told by the
voice that he would recover if many persons came and shared the energy
of their auras for 20 minutes each. She was told that this would in
effect \"jump-start\" Evan.

So Shelley scheduled people to come to the hospital around the clock for
three days. After 72 hours of constant vigil, Evan opened his eyes and
recognized his mother. His recovery proceeded rapidly after that. He was
in excellent shape after only six weeks. He did have a short-term memory
problem, but now even that has been healed.

The voices also told Shelley that the earth needs the same help. We
share energy with the earth in a living loop. However, because so many
of us have disconnected from Source, our energy is so low that we are
not returning energy to the earth. As a result the auric energy field of
the earth has been depleted and is disintegrating.

Shelley was told that we can \"jump-start\" the energy system of the
earth if we combine the energy of our love and gratitude for one hour
beginning at 11:11 a. m. GMT on Wednesday, July 17, 2007 (That\'s 6:11
a. m. to 7:11 a. m. Eastern Time.) We are invited to join in a
world-wide vigil for that hour, holding within our consciousness
something that brings joy and for which we feel thankful. We are asked
to extend gratitude to the earth because energy is sent out when we are
in that state of mind. The resulting surge of energy will be a catalyst
to enable the earth to sustain its own energy again.

Shelley was also told that those who participate will be able to
accelerate the growth of their own field, and that this will lead them
into the next stage of the development of humankind, which will be lived
at the higher frequency of love and gratitude.

The hour of recharging the energy of the earth\'s field will be only the
beginning. Over time we can expect to see changes so that the earth\'s
resources will be shared to meet the needs of everyone, starting with
those on the African continent. The goal is to unite this world as one
planet - to establish peace and prosperity for all. This is not
Shelley\'s plan. It was dictated to her by the voices that she still

The word has been spreading. The message, plan, and invitation have been
translated into ten languages with two more soon to receive it. Local
coordinators have been spreading the information in 200 countries. The
plan is becoming common knowledge among youth.

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