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Guest Speaker: Bruce Leininger

May 14, 2011

Author of "Soul Survivor," converted to belief in reincarnation by his young son, James, who remembered being shot down during WW II.

Bruce C. Leininger, co-author with his wife Andrea, of *Soul Survivor*,
was born and raised in New Jersey to working class parents. He worked
his way through Fairleigh Dickinson University and Graduate School at
Columbia University.

In 1990 he moved to Dallas, Texas. There he met his wife Andrea and they
married in 1992. Currently living in Lafayette LA, they previously lived
in Pacifica, California, Frisco, Texas, and Richardson, Texas. Their
son, James, was born in 1998.

James was born remembering his past life as a World War II fighter pilot
who was killed in the battle for Iwo Jima---over sixty years ago! His
story is recognized as the best documented account of reincarnation ever
recorded. His parents were forced to reconsider their beliefs and
evaluate the convincing evidence that little James, indeed, had lived

Bruce is President of Accelerated Performance Resources, LLC, a company
he founded in 2002 and he currently serves as Human Resources Director
for Rotorcraft Leasing Company supporting offshore oil and gas
production in the Gulf of Mexico and California.

Bruce is committed to workforce development. He serves on the Greater
Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and is a former commissioner of the
Louisiana Workforce Commission. His passion is helping people find their
passion and excel as productive members of society.

Currently Bruce is working on his second book “A Navy of Angels.”

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