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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Reincarnation Movies: True stories of stunning reincarnation events.

March 12, 2011

You chose the videos! Now here they are!

We will show some powerful videos which support the belief in
Reincarnation. We took a vote at the last meeting and the most interest
was shown in the story of the little boy from LA, James Leininger, who
was born with memories of his past-life as a WW II fighter pilot. His
story has the most credible proof of all reincarnation stories ever!

A close second was the story of Jenny Cockell, the woman from England
who was born with memories of being a mother of 8 who died in Ireland in
1932. She had intimate, personal memories of all the children and when
she grew up, she found them, now in their seventies and eighties, and
reconnected with them.

As it turned out, we will have the best of both.....Bruce Leininger, the
father of James, will be our speaker in May, 2011, and we will show the
full-length movie, Yesterday\'s Children, which stars Jane Seymour as
Jenny Cockell, in March.....along with some footage of the real-life
Jenny Cockell and her children and James Leininger.

We will not serve refreshments in March, because of the tight schedule.
However, you may bring your own. This is a \"BYOR\" \"Bring Your Own
Refreshments\" (no alcohol, please) meeting. We will begin promptly at 2
pm and go for 3 hours.

Please do not leave any trash in the auditorium. We are profoundly
grateful for this beautiful space for our meetings, and we do not want
to do anything to jeopardize our status. Thank you for your cooperation.

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