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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Bruce Greyson, MD


September 9, 2006

One of the world's foremost Near-Death researchers from the U. of Virginia, Editor of the Journal for Near-Death Studies

Dr. Bruce Greyson was one of the founding members of IANDS, and served
for many years on the Board of Directors, as IANDS\' President, Director
of Research, and for the past 23 years, Editor of the Journal of
Near-Death Studies.

Dr. Greyson graduated from Cornell University with a major in
psychology, received his medical degree from the SUNY Upstate Medical
College, and completed his psychiatric residency at the University of
Virginia. He practiced and taught psychiatry at the University of
Michigan and the University of Connecticut, where he was Clinical Chief
of Psychiatry, before returning to the University of Virginia 10 years
ago, where he is now the Carlson Professor of Psychiatry and Director of
the Division of Perceptual Studies.

His near-death research for the past three decades has focused on the
aftereffects of the experience, and has resulted in 70 presentations to
national scientific conferences, 100 publications in academic medical
and psychological journals, and several research grants and awards.

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