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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Keith Richardson


April 8, 2006

Author of "Andy Lakey's Psychomanteum" and a trained scientist with background in anthropology, psychology, and marketing....

Keith Richardson and his wife. Francesca, were \"guided\" to open an
angel store, Things From Heaven, in Ventura, CA, where they have a room
dedicated to Andy Lakey\'s work. Keith will share his experiences of the
many miracles that have happened surrounding these paintings, many of
which are related in his best-selling book, Andy Lakey\'s Psychomanteum
(1998), which was also published in Japan in July of 2003 and
immediately became the number one selling spiritual book in Japan. His
second book Doorways to Heaven, is scheduled to come out in Japan in
July of 2004. About Keith\'s book, Dr. Raymond Moody wrote, \"This is
the best, most innovative book on near-death experiences and related
phenomena I\'ve read in years....My wife and I have witnessed in our own
Andy Lakey painting the same visions that are reported in this book.\"

Keith Richardson is a trained scientist with a professional background
in anthropology, psychology and marketing. Keith earned degrees and
certificates from the University of Southern California, California
State University at Los Angeles and San Jose University. His background
includes anthropological field research in Nicaragua, Central America.
His scientific findings have been published in scholarly journals as
well as articles in newspapers and magazines throughout the United
States. In 1998, Keith was ordained as a minister in the Church of
Religious Science and now conducts regular church services in his store.
Keith and his research have been featured on numerous television and
radio programs including ABC\'s Caryl and Marilyn, KCAL 9 and TELEMUNDO
News, KJLA\'s Southern California Journal, three episodes of the
nationally syndicated cable program Ghost Hunters, TNN\'s Life and Times
of Angel Encounters, the Japanese television program Unbelievable and
ABC\'s Good Morning America. Keith\'s spiritual findings have also has
been the subject of articles in The Los Angeles Times, Fate and
Awareness Magazines, and the tabloid Sun.

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