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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Deana Chase-Moore


June 10, 2006

NDEr, massage therapist, intuitive shares her wonderful and amazing experiences....

Deanna Chase-Moore was born in Missouri just before World War II. Her
family soon moved and she grew up in California�s Bay Area. During her
early childhood, she had unusual experiences which were unexplainable
for any three or four year old. The explanation took nearly thirty years
to reveal itself, but this became a window to her life�s work as a touch
therapist. Two Near-Death Experiences revealed to Deana the truths of
energy and how you view a different perspective of relationships, health
and religion.

Deanna\'s story is one of the most intense and funny stories, about a
child who didn\'t want to touch or be touched by other people, who
became a massage therapist whose touch would reveal to her the
past-lives of those she massaged.

A warm, delightful person who is fully intuitive, Ms. Moore will be
doing private reflexology sessions on Sun and Mon, June 11 and 12. Call
847.251.5758 for an appointment and get in touch with your past lives!

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