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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Sharon Gray Lester


October 14, 2006

NDEr, "Living Roots Connection", Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive from Seattle area.

Sharon Gray Lester is nationally respected for her gifts as a spiritual
teacher and intuitive. She began developing her method of healing work
(*The Living Roots Connection*) sixteen years ago after her Near-Death
Experience and her own healing of cancer. During this time she was shown
was guided to develop *The Living Roots Connection* which utilizes the
ENERGY AND WISDOM OF NATURE TO HEAL; cultivating within people and our
earth a new strength, joy, and peacefulness.

Throughout the last sixteen years, Sharon\'s foundation of understanding
has been deepened by working with gifted healers and indigenous peoples
who carry the knowledge of the roots of civilization. Her gifts help
people to learn how to entrain to Nature to inform and vitalize their
health on every level. Authentic change is created easily without a
resulting dependency on the practitioner. Sharon\'s devotion in service
is to teach tools and bring forth a vibration which helps people to
bring to their lives sustainable inner resources and the wisdom of their
own spirit. She believes that this awakening is more than personal
growth; it is a key factor for PLANETARY SUSTAINABILITY and healing of
our Earth.

Sharon will be seeing individuals for private sessions on Sunday,
October 15 and Monday, October 16. A few openings are still available.
Please call 847.251.5758 to make an appointment.

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