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March 12, 2016

Two Fabulous Full-length Feature Films. Both of these movies are entertaining and informative…Bring your own popcorn…no intermission. First movie begins promptly at 2 pm.

BEYOND DEATH (2000) - Mainstream researchers, mediums and those who have had near-death experiences help explore the eternal mystery of what awaits us when we die. We are all destined to die, and there is no escape. But perhaps it is this inevitability that inspires us to continually seek answers to the question: WHAT HAPPENS BEYOND DEATH?

This feature-length film explores the eternal enigma from every angle, meeting with everyone from mainstream scientific researchers to mediums in search of insight into what is in store for us. Skeptics detail their arguments.

A dramatic and vivid counterpoint is provided by several people who have had near-death experiences, and their extraordinary tales are pointed to by others as proof that there is indeed another chapter to be written after we pass away. Probing and illuminating, this is an extraordinary journey into a realm that has captured the human imagination for millennia - the quest for the afterlife.

Don't miss this fabulous, hard-to-find film! 90 minutes.

DEFENDING YOUR LIFE (1991) - In an afterlife resembling the present-day US, people must prove their worth by showing in court how they have demonstrated courage. This is a very funny dramatization of the "Life Review." Except for the obvious allusions to modern life, the actual process seems very much in line with what near-death experiencers report on a daily basis.

Director: Albert Brooks
Writer: Albert Brooks
Stars: Albert Brooks, Meryl Streep, Rip Torn
112 minutes

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