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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Ann Frances Ellis, M.Div, PhD


May 14, 2016

NDEr; Author of Revelations of Profound Love; Tulsa, OK, IANDS Leader;

Drowning victim at age 2, Ann Frances Ellis, Ph.D., feels she has been guided all along the way to write *Revelations of Profound Love*. It is based on her doctoral dissertation, *Profound Love as Revealed by Near-Death Experiences*, which examined 478 near-death experiences to learn about the love reported so often by those who returned from trips to heaven. She concluded that seven primary themes emerged from these reports:

>We don't die.

>The nature of profound love is greater than we ever imagined.

>Profound love has higher qualities.

>Profound love emanates from many sources.

>We are all one and love is our essence.

>There is a reason and purpose for everything.

>In life, love is most important.

She also compared what near-death experiencers reported with the texts, primary and secondary, of three world religions. She was able to find evidence of all the above conclusions within each religion. She believes it is likely that every world religion has realized these truths.

She has degrees in Mathematics (B.A.), Computer Science (M.S.), Divinity (M. Div.), and Religious Studies/Comparative Religion (Ph.D.). She is a licensed minister.

Her first career was as a civilian computer systems programmer/database system researcher/data communications network manager for the U.S. Navy. Her second career was as a hospital/hospice chaplain. Her third career is as author/owner of Trail of Hope Publishing.

She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA with her two rat terriers, Mattie and Lillie.

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