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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Alex Hermosillo

August 8, 2009

NDEr, Gifted healer from Arizona, "The Happy Healer" on internet radio. Healing workshop available...details below.

\"In the summer of 1996, while visiting a small Mexican border town for
business, the Gift of Healing was awakened within me as a woman handed
her six month old dying child to me. Soon after, an unexpected event
occurred that sent me to the hospital emergency room where a second gift
was given to me, a near-death experience where I learned there is no
such thing as death, only a new beginning.

Along my journey, I have been blessed to assist people in healing their
migraine headaches, backaches, cancer, heart disease, tumors, depression
and more. During their healing sessions and in my classes, many of them
have seen, heard and/or felt the presence of angels and other Heavenly
beings, bringing the awareness to them that we are never alone.

Many call me a Healer, but the truth is I am a man like any other who
has chosen to be in service to others--to share with you the gifts that
were given to me--the gifts of Love and Healing.\" ~Alex J. Hermosillo

Alex J. Hermosillo is the founder of Mastery of Energy Healing (M.E.H.).
M.E.H. is a gentle, non-invasive healing technique that assists the
individual in releasing the negative energies and negative memories of
unserving thoughts, emotions and patterns that cause illness. Through
this releasing process, individuals experience a release of anxiety,
stress, worries, fear, confusion, and aches and pains, allowing greater
clarity, peace of mind and relief from symptoms of illness. This simple
yet powerful technique allows an individual to heal emotionally,
mentally and physically.

As a young man, Alex had the ability to help people with their pain
a touch of his hand. Later in life, a Near-Death Experience took him to
the other side where he found Peace. He describes his experience, “All
of my pain was released from me…my heartaches, heartbreaks, negative
thoughts, worries, doubts, unserving emotions, and physical illness. It
was like my pain was completely erased from my existence. I experienced
Peace like I never had before”. Following this life-altering event, Alex
wanted nothing more than to help others experience that peace in their
daily lives.

With the gift that was given to Alex, along with his experiences of
healing, research and dedication, he developed a quick and simple
powerful energy healing method called Mastery of Energy Healing
(M.E.H.). Alex assists his clients in releasing dense physical, mental
and emotional energies, allowing the body to heal the cause. Through
M.E.H., Alex is able to teach others how to release their pain, be it
emotional, mental or physical. Many have received spontaneous healings
from problems such as migraine headaches, backaches, heart disease,
tumors and depression.

Alex touches the lives of thousands through his lectures, classes and
internet radio show, “The Happy Healer” on He
travels nationwide, as well as offers his services from his home base in
Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

Today, Alex dedicates his life to remind you to be happy, and how to
become happy is releasing your fears, shames, guilt and judgments
towards yourself and others. And to remember – deep within us in our
hearts and our souls – we are worthy of a happy, healthy, loving life!
Mastery of Energy Healing Level 1

Alex will be doing a Healing Workshop on Sunday, August 9, 2009, 1 - 5
pm, at The Meskill Center at Mallinkrodt in the Park, 1041A Ridge Road,
Wilmette, IL 60091. (

Alex is able to awaken the gift of healing in others so they may heal
themselves; and he has taught hundreds of people around the country his
healing technique. His clients and students come from all walks of life
including artists, teachers, homemakers, children, nurses, doctors and

Alex says anyone can learn the Mastery of Energy Healing Technique.
Every one of us has the ability within to help themselves, their loved
ones and others. Empower yourself today with the simple tools Alex gives

In this class you will learn about negative and positive energies, what
they are and how they affect us. Alex will give you the tools that are
easily understood and implemented to become aware of these energies, and
then how to release the negative energies that create illness in the
physical, mental and emotional bodies from yourself and others. This
technique benefits you, your loved ones and clients alike! Students and
clients come from all walks of life including artists, teachers,
homemakers, children, nurses, doctors, athletes, and anyone interested
in healing. Healings occasionally occur during these workshops.

Fee is $250, payable to Chicago IANDS, PO Box 732, Wilmette, IL, 60091.
Participants receive a Certificate upon completion. To sign up for the
workshop, please call 847.251.5758 or sign up at a regular monthly

For more information, please go to: [


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