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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Stephen Damroth

December 12, 2009

NDEr as a result of being murdered by his brother. Profound story.

Stephen Damroth came from a large Catholic family of 3 girls and 2 boys. His older brother was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic twenty years ago. Stephen was dyslexic and as a result became more passive and quiet. School was difficult and although he graduated from high school early, he had a difficult time staying in college because of the learning disability and the financial concerns.

He was working in a retail store when he was 23, and was sleeping late on his day off (Friday the 13th, October, 1995) when his brother woke him up around 10:00 am to ask him for a cigarette. He told him he would give him one later. He went back to sleep but was awakened just minutes later to see his brother standing over him with a knife---which was descending. He grabbed the knife blade, but due to his brother’s superior position and his groggy state, he barely managed to slow the blade in its penetration of his chest. They fought as Stephen yelled for help, but the attack didn’t stop until his mother came to the door to reprimand them for fighting.

Shocked at the scene, she ran down the hall yelling for her daughter to call 911. By this time his brother had stabbed him four times, completely severing his subclavian artery and damaging the nerve plexus in his shoulder. Blood was literally hosing from his two chest wounds. After his mothers interruption, his brother stopped and just stood over him, staring blankly....

So begins the story of Stephen’s extensive Near-Death Experience and the complete alteration of his life. Starting in the velvety comforting black space and proceeding to the Light, he was aware of love, knowledge and connectedness.

To quote Stephen: “.... I was already well on my way toward forgiving my brother for the stabbing, but when I got to the memory of the Light, any bad feelings that I still harbored for him evaporated in that instant. It was like taking a chunk of ice and dropping it into the sun. In an
instant, there was not even a wisp of steam remaining of it. As all the negative feelings flashed out of existence from my re-experiencing the Light, the vacuum that they left was filled with Love and compassion for my brother and the rest of humanity. At that moment, I was a perfect human being devoid of flaws as the light burned them away. I was physically only a few days out of my low point when I reached that emotional and spiritual high point. From then on, I would never be the same person or see the world and my fellow man in the same way again.

The influx of memories and grace lasted only a second or two in our time, but their aftereffects are with me still. Within mere seconds I went from being an angry and bitter victim of a terrible crime, to being a Joyous, Loving, and thankful recipient of the most beautiful and wondrous gift. The circumstances hadn\'t changed, I had.

Immediately after my experience, I was able to see both worlds as if I had on foot in each plane. The spiritual and the physical blended into a homogeneous whole. I could see auras around people and spirits, and I could feel the emotions of others as if they were my own. “

...Don't miss hearing Stephen\'s whole story in person. It will change
your life as well!

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