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Sat, Feb 11


Online until further notice

Guest Speaker - Rev. Lori Ellis (Loreli Drache)

4xNDEr, Mystic, Certified Reiki Master, Spiritual Mentor, Energy Alchemist, Medical Intuitive

Online until further notice...
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Guest Speaker - Rev. Lori Ellis (Loreli Drache)
Guest Speaker - Rev. Lori Ellis (Loreli Drache)

Time & Location

Feb 11, 2023, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM CST

Online until further notice

About the Presenter

From Burlington, WI, Loreli had her first Near-Death Experience at age 7 during which she drowned. After that experience she developed many psychic intuitive empath abilities. She then started having contact with spirits, ETs, Sasquatch and other inter-dimensional beings. She went on to have three subsequent near-death experiences in her adult life at the ages of 28, 35 and 48.

Her fourth Near-Death Experience completely changed her perception of her reality and her purpose of being here. She was told the power of words and how they manifest on Earth. Given the understanding that as a being of high frequency those words would manifest rapidly. She was told to be very mindful of her words and thoughts.

In 2019 she experienced a connection to Oneness during a spiritual awakening that helped form her understanding of consciousness. Within it she learned how everything is connected and we are all source wearing different “masks” to experience and learn Self. From that point she started channeling and receiving many downloads and “knowings” of creation.

In 2022 Loreli received her Reiki attunements which completely opened up her clairvoyance, her access to the Akashic records, and returned her medical intuitive abilities full force. She started receiving many more spiritually transformative experiences.

Given many spiritual insights during all her experiences, Loreli went about processing that information through her very human perceptions. She started embracing her spiritual gifts to be of more service in unconditional love.  She sees herself as a healer and spiritual guide whose purpose is to help bring light to all who cross her path.

Loreli trained as a medical assistant at Gateway Technical College from 1991-1994, before her spiritual education took precedence.   She is now Spiritual Director at Spirit Sight with Mystic Moon and co-owner/graphic designer at Regal Creations with Drache Designs.

She lives in Missouri with her husband, son and two daughters.

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