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Sat, Jul 08


Online until further notice

Guest Speaker - Pam Kircher, MD

NDEr, Family Practice Internist, Hospice Doctor, Author, Now sharing her personal experience of Alzheimer's

Online until further notice...
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Guest Speaker - Pam Kircher, MD
Guest Speaker - Pam Kircher, MD

Time & Location

Jul 08, 2023, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Online until further notice

About the Presenter

Pam Kircher’s NDE in 1950 when she was six years old, set her spiritual values and lifelong sense of purpose. Kindness, a love of books and learning, and deep spiritual experiences began at age 6 and have continued to her present age of almost 80. Her wonderful book about her experience is called Love is the Link.

In the early days, NDEs were rare and no one talked about them.  In fact, there wasn’t even a name for NDEs until 25 years after Pam’s NDE.  From the beginning, she frequently heard the voice of the Holy Spirit but was taught in church that only ministers had a right to communicate with God.  "Our relationship with God was meant to be only prayers of entreaty,  not a two-way conversation."

Considering her divergence from popular culture, she led a quiet secretive life that matched the Midwest culture of the 1950’s as closely as she could while maintaining her private spiritual life.  She was so good at it, in fact, that she graduated valedictorian from high school and was phi beta kappa in college.

Later in life she followed her love of learning and kindness and graduated from medical school.  Serving first as a Family Physician and later as a Hospice Doctor, Universal Love was her guiding light as well as medical knowledge.  In the last 30 years, she has been involved with integrative medicine, including vibrational medicine and with tai chi and alchemical hypnotherapy.

In the last few years, slowly increasing Alzheimer’s has become a strong part of her life as she asks what does it mean to drop the old memories while holding on to the capacity to have spiritual experiences?  And are kindness and love even possible?  How do previous Spiritually Transformative Experiences influence a person with developing Alzheimer’s? More and more people are having STEs, and it seems important to explore whether or not these provide some resiliency when people feel themselves slipping into advancing Alzheimer’s.

Will they be able to maintain their kindness of a lifetime even when irritability is a common feature of Alzheimer’s? Can they come to rest with the awareness that they can’t read any more with any comprehension?  Will they still have spiritual experiences?  Will spiritual experiences get even more frequent when everything else is gone? These are the questions of this time in Pam’s life, and she hopes to discuss them more with STErs who are developing Alzheimer’s themselves or who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

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