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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Chris Fleming

January 11, 2020

3+ NDEs, Astral Traveler, TV paranormal documentaries, Spiritual Consultant & Medium, Psychic Investigator, Spirit Artist

Chris Fleming is an internationally known paranormal investigator, medium and spiritual consultant who has been investigating the supernatural since his childhood. For over 48 years, Chris has been using his sixth sense to read people, predict events and communicate with the afterlife.

Chris is the co-presenter on the current UKTV series “ Help! My House Is Haunted” and has presented on other paranormal TV shows such as Dead Famous, 2 seasons of Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, and made guest appearances on Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Adventures LIVE, and more.

Known worldwide for his contributions of new techniques and technology for the paranormal field, Chris introduced the direct response method of communication with the K-II Meter, and is the co-creator of the SB7 Spirit Box, currently the world's leading direct radio voice box.

Continuing to inspire people throughout the country, Chris holds lectures and workshops about extra sensory perception, higher consciousness, the sixth sense, life after death, and the evidence to support the existence of ghosts. He also consults clients, creates spirit art, hosts a monthly podcast called “Spirit Talk” and sells ghost hunting equipment online, while investigating sensitive haunting cases involving families, or children, in fear of their own psychic abilities.

Outside of the paranormal, Chris writes and produces content for television and film, and is currently writing his first memoir. Chris continues his research in higher consciousness and experimenting in better ways to communicate with the afterlife using audio technology.

Chris Fleming will be sharing some of his stories on Jan 11, 2020.

He had an induced out of body experience in 2006 and a near death experience back in 2009 shortly after a car accident. Due to his head and neck injuries what followed were a couple more instances where he stopped breathing during sleep, and found himself floating above his body. On one occasion pleading to an angel, he didn’t want to come back until he was shown something remarkable. What he was shown quickly changed his mind and set him on a new path.

Chris will be speaking about the experiences he had out of body and on the other side, what he learned, and what he discovered years later not only about our soul, but about how our consciousness truly is connected to a greater source. A source so powerful, that even our government has researched and drawn their own remarkable conclusions.


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