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Movies! Movies! Movies!

January 12, 2019

Two excellent end-of-life movies. We are trying again and will make sure all of the equipment is fully functioning! Bring your own popcorn!

These movies are entertaining and informative. No intermission. First movie begins promptly at 2 pm.

**DEARLY DEPARTED** (2013) . Dearly Departed is a fictional documentary, based on actual near-death experiences, shot as though the camera was taken into the spirit world to conduct documentary-style interviews with the spirits of dead people to get their insights on life after death (84 min).

**BETWEEN TWO WORLDS** (1944) - In London during World War II, married couple Henry (Paul Henreid) and Ann Bergner (Eleanor Parker) decide to commit suicide instead of waiting to be killed in a Nazi air raid. After carrying out their decision, the Bergners awake to find themselves on a large, mysterious ship with several other passengers. The ship's steward, Scrubby (Edmund Gwenn), informs them that the vessel is where the dead come to be judged. The passengers now must await the fate handed down to them by the Examiner.

Nazi bombs rain fire into an English port town. The smoke clears and a disparate group of human beings caught in the blast finds itself aboard a luxury liner headed...who knows where. They soon learn their one-way tickets are stamped Heaven. And Hell. A dose of World War II realism puts a gritty edge on this retelling of the early Talkie Outward Bound (starring Leslie Howard) that loses none of the prior version's ethereal power. A stellar cast - John Garfield, Paul Henried, Sydney Greenstreet, Eleanor Parker, Edmund Gwenn and more names evocative of a remarkable filmmaking era - bring their considerable talents to a tale of passengers who discover their true natures as they discover their destinations. (112 min)

Initial release: May 20, 1944
Director: Edward A. Blatt
Music composed by: Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Story by: Sutton Vane
Screenplay: Sutton Vane, Daniel Fuchs

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