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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Barbara Ireland

October 12, 2019

NDEr, Author, Speaker, Workshop Trainer & Coach, Singer/Musician, and Filmmaker

In 2010, Barbara Ireland nearly died of heat stroke and hyponatremia (dangerously low levels of sodium in the blood) at a “self-improvement” camp in a remote area of Vancouver B.C.

She received three transformational truths during an astounding life review, which felt like four hours: 1. How unconscious negative thoughts (“mind loops”) had been the cause of tremendous suffering throughout her life, 2. Profound lessons about relationships, and 3. Profound lessons about her life priorities.

The experience was so impactful, she changed careers from a professional singer, to speaking, writing, and training others on how to stop “mind loops.”

Barbara is author of the Amazon bestseller, *How To Stop Negative Thoughts: What My Near Death Experience Taught Me About Mind Loops, Neuroscience, and Happiness*, and contributing author to *The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences: How the Messages of NDEs Can Positively Impact the World* by Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh.

She is founder of *The De-Looping Method* (which is based on information from her NDE), which uses neuroscience to interrupt repetitive, negative thoughts. Barbara trains both individuals and corporations to stop worry, low self esteem, and other negative thinking patterns.


Barbara will be doing a 2 hour workshop on Sunday, October 13, 1-3 p.m. at the Church of the Spirit, 2650 N. Central Park in Chicago. SHe will also be giving the sermon during the 10:30 a.m. service that day.

>How To Tame “Mind Loops” of Worry and Anxiety With Neuroscience

Do you repeatedly worry about potential problems? Feel anxious about health issues, finances, or relationships? Do you replay worst-case-scenarios and dramas in your head that leave you feeling stressed and exhausted? Too often our imagination runs away with us – and we develop a HABIT of anxious worry. Once we begin to “loop” over and over with worry about what COULD happen, we turn on the stress response and block the very parts of the brain we need for focus and creative solutions. Our ability to listen and communicate effectively both at home and work is undermined by anxiety, irritability, and increased reactivity. Based on knowledge Barbara received during her near-death experience plus current neuroscience, you will learn practical tools to train your mind to be your greatest ally, instead of your saboteur.

Before her NDE, Barbara had a successful career as a musician and jazz singer. She has two CDs available and received her BFA degree from New York University in Filmmaking. She is now from Seattle and loves to hike.

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