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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Carolyn Clapper

August 10, 2019

NDEr, Evidential and Medical Medium, works with 5 doctors on the other side, from Racine, WI.

Carolyn Clapper was born in an old Victorian home in Racine, WI, in 1978. She had a relatively normal childhood, except that she was always able to hear and see spirits. She knew that previous family and friends were around us, but she didn’t know that she was unusual for knowing that.

Carolyn recognized at an early age that her life was to be one of service. As she grew up, she was guided to use her creative talents in Massage, Music and Art to help others. After high school, she received a degree in Massage Therapy from the Wisconsin Institute of Natural Wellness, where she continued to work, until she enrolled in an Art Therapy degree program at Mount Mary University.

In 2011, as a single mom of a five year old son, she lost both parents to cancer and was in the midst of a brutal divorce, when she became violently ill. Doctors were stymied by her severe symptoms, which included a high fever and projectile vomiting.

After eight hours in the Emergency Room, she heard her mother whisper to her (from the other side) that she had Meningitis. She passed that life-saving information along and the doctors began tests to determine that she did indeed have both viral and bacterial Meningitis.

Carolyn was healed on 11/11/11. During that miraculous process, she had a full-blown Near-Death Experience and went to the other side. She returned, but her intense connection to the other side continued, blossoming into her true calling as a stunning psychic medium and allowing her easy access to those in the Next World.

As she recovered, she began working with a team of five medical doctors on the other side to help diagnose and provide in depth information which can potentially save a life or offer a better quality of life. And the results have been dramatic. She realized that she is to share this gift and now pursues evidential and medical mediumship as her full time occupation.

Known both nationally and internationally as *The Next World Medium*, she works in missing persons cases, unsolved homicide, and medical mysteries. She has located missing persons both deceased and alive, and has found confirmed illnesses in many.

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