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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Bob Frank

March 9, 2019

Metaphysical Theorist; cyber security officer; author of mysteries; Topic - Exploring Reality: An Evidential Model; formerly IANDS' National President

Bob Frank was raised on an Iowa farm and spent his summer afternoons in corn fields daydreaming of adventures in faraway lands. At seventeen, while war raged in Southeast Asia, he joined the Army and graduated from West Point as an airborne paratrooper. Most of his years of duty were spent staring at Russians on the iron curtain during the Cold War.

For much of the next twenty years he was an oil company cyber security road warrior traveling to every God forsaken corner of the world: Nigerian savannas, Saudi Arabian deserts and Sumatran jungles of Indonesia. His travels continued as he progressed through his career from high tech Silicon Valley “start-ups” to a Vice President of a Fortune 500 corporation to a cyber security expert to global enterprises.

Always known for fantastic storytelling, he kept the office intrigued and rolling with laughter from his adventures. When he finally ended his travels and left the corporate world, he set on a path to deliver entertainment and messages through writing.

Later in his career, Bob began reading a mountain of non-fictional books on reincarnation, despite being a hard-core atheist/agnostic for 35 years. Then he wrote *The Third Eye Trilogy*, a series of mystery thrillers based on a time-travel concept of past life regression.

To prepare himself for writing the novels, he became a certified and registered hypnotherapist specializing in regression therapy. Every session that he performed lured him deeper into the non-materialistic, metaphysical realm. This led him into studying the plethora of research on all topics of metaphysics.

His in-depth engagement in metaphysics led him into world of near-death experiences and IANDS, the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS). He was most recently the president of IANDS for the last two years, concluding service after six years on the Board of Directors.

Bob splits his time between his mountain home in Panama and San Jose, California. He continues his research and returned to metaphysical writing, deriving a theory on reality to taunt both scientific and spiritual communities.

Topic: Exploring Reality: An Evidential Model
Bob Frank, Metaphysical Theorist

Science, religion, philosophers, spiritualists and atheists alike, all present a partial, skewed and shrouded view of reality. Their hardened viewpoints typically come from prejudicial, influence driven oft-times illogical descriptions of reality. Many times their views of reality are in direct conflict to opposing views or absolute evidence before us. It is not possible that all of these views are correct. There is only one true reality.

Bob presents an evidential model of reality intending to prompt others to derive their own model based on facts and evidence before us. Perhaps others will derive a model similar to what he presents. Through debate on differing models of reality, as a society we can invest in research to refine data to support or refute these models.

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