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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Movies! Movies! Movies!

August 11, 2018

Raise your vibes with some amazing videos...a fulfilling afternoon of NDE information!

These movies are entertaining and informative. No intermission. First movie begins promptly at 2 pm.

DEARLY DEPARTED (2013) . Dearly Departed is a fictional documentary, based on actual near-death experiences, shot as though the camera was taken into the spirit world to conduct documentary-style interviews with the spirits of dead people to get their insights on life after death (84 min).

RESURRECTION (1980) A stunning theatrical presentation of one woman's Near-Death Experience and resulting healing ability. Ellen Burstyn delivers a tour-de-force performance as a woman who experiences clinical death and returns to life with the amazing ability to heal others. While most people simply accept her gift, her lover (Sam Shepard) becomes mentally unbalanced and dangerous because she does not place the healings within a religious context. (104 min)

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