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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Robin Landsong

May 12, 2018

Multiple NDEs, abducted at age 8, taken to Rhodesia, shot and began to die of blood loss, toured the other side, now a sound healer....CHICAGO IANDS 20th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION!!

Robin Landsong is a Visual Artist, Medicine Singer, Craniosacral Therapist, and Health Intuitive. She has had multiple Near Death Experiences which opened her creativity, and ability to see into the health of others. She has given over 10,000 healing sessions both in person and Distance treatments. She and her husband, John Utter, also offer Singing Medicine Circles. ​

When she was eight years old, in 1977, she was abducted by an American from the US and taken to Africa. They landed in Rhodesia during the Bush War. She was later abandoned out in the countryside and spent the night alone. In the morning she made her way to a village where they took her in. They became her new family. She learned how to sing their songs, how to prepare their food, and she participated in their ceremonies. One woman adopted her and became her Mama.

Weeks later, she was shot by soldiers and crossed over into death. On the other side she met five beings who led her through her confusion and pain to acceptance and peace. In a state of pure love she looked back and saw her Mama wailing while holding her body. Though she treasured her, she resumed crossing through veils toward the Great Heart. She then began to hear a song that made her pause. Her Mama was singing her Medicine Song over Robin's lifeless body. She heard her through the veils. Her song reminded Robin that she was also a medicine singer and that she needed to live to fulfill this purpose.

**This is a fragrance-free event, please do not wear perfume, cologne, or artificially scented personal products.** We appreciate your help in making this a safe environment for everyone.

In particular **Robin is allergic to Tide laundry detergent**. If you use Tide (even free and clear) please consider switching to BioKleen, Ecos, Seventh Generation, baking soda, or Borax for your laundry detergent. We really appreciate any help you can do in making this a clean air event. Thank you.

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