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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: David Young

September 8, 2018

Music for Healing and Meditation; Gifted flutist; 2 Grammy nominations. Plays recorder; often 2 at a time, sold millions of his CDs.; very successful independent artist. Experience a portal between heaven and earth....

Young started playing the recorder in the third grade in Brooklyn, New York. He studied baroque and renaissance music with Phil Levin and at age 12 he became the youngest member to join the New York Recorder Guild advanced performing group.

Young’s music has been featured on the U.S. television series’ General Hospital, All My Children and Passions.

He has worked recorded with artists such as Bobby Schnitzer, Cheryl Gallagher, and Robin Berry.

1994: CNN does special segment on David Young’s “rags to riches” story. David Young’s Christmas Morning CD is #2 in Canada.

1998: Young performs at Heather McCartney’s launch of her gift line in Atlanta, Georgia.

1999: Album Renaissance nominated for Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Album.

2001: David Young Musical Greeting Card line launched.

2004: Young writes, produces and acts in the movie Village of Dreams, filmed at the Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas store in Rothenburg, Germany. A companion children’s book was made along with the Village of Dreams movie.

2005: David writes and produces a musical called Woodstock: The Mystery of Destiny which has been performed at various theaters.

2008: Album Solace nominated for Grammy Award for Best New Age Album.

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