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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Cassandra Bauer

July 14, 2018

Her NDE, and how it changed her life. Unwiring the fear, Rewiring with Love. Founder of Level Up....Engineer of the mind – body – soul, Composer of moments and Writer Cassandra M. Bauer, Founder of LEVEL UP.

Cassandra lost her brother Jason in April of 2013 to a heroin overdose; at the same time battling with her own addictions and unhealthy programing. Alone, struggling, continuously checking out of the game, Cassandra created and manifested a car accident just six months after losing her brother on 11.11.2013 @ 1:11 a.m.

Waking up alone, confused in that hospital bed , the only thing she was sure of was seeing Jason on the other side .

”When I woke up in the hospital bed, I was alone. Confused, scared with the only lingering recollection being seeing Jason on the other side telling me, ‘You are not alone Cass, I am here. But you need to go back. You are to create a channel to allow everyone to know they ARE NOT ALONE. Please remember you are not alone.’ There was never a moment inside of me where I didn’t believe in this. I knew I had seen him , clear as day , he was in the same hospital gown, the one I had said goodbye to him in before his funeral. I knew I had felt him, I knew my truth in that moment. I knew IT WAS MY moment.

For months prior I would drive to work and create countless illusions around myself being in a hospital bed. All the love that would show up for me… all the people that would come and ’finally ’ care about me. The hours I spent channeling this illusion was the energy in which created my now reality. The reality I was now awake with. The reality of: WE COME IN THIS WORLD ALONE AND WE GO OUT OF IT ALONE. BUT IT ’S ABOUT WHO WILL YOU BECOME WHILE YOU ARE HERE? THAT ’S A FUCKING REALITY CHECK POINT I NEEDED TO SIT WITH. Am I going to go back to the life I was living? The one that was obviously no longer serving me? Was I going to continue to numb out of the game? Or was I finally ready to make the proper steps to powerfully checking back into the game?

I sat in that hospital bed for days, hours, seconds MOMENTS. And I made a decision in those moments. I AM LOVE. I WILL WORK DAY IN AND DAY OUT TO BECOME A DEEPER AND DEEPER FORM OF LOVE. ONE THAT WHEN YOU ARE FACED WITH IT YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE TO FIND THAT POINT WITHIN YOURSELF THAT MAYBE YOU FORGOT ABOUT OR RAN FROM OUT OF FEAR AND ALLOW THAT TO FLOW AGAIN. NO CHOICE BUT TO REMEMBER THAT LOVE THAT WE ALL HAVE. OUR BIRTH PLACE… OUR HOME… I was to become the perfect mirror. I was to become the warrior within each and every one of us, the one within my brother to fight for these wings. To fight for the real peace, the one within. From that moment on I have never been alone. I had finally found myself. I HAD FINALLY LEVELED UP. ” – Cassandra M. Bauer

After years of intense isolation unwiring her own fear and rewiring with her deepest form of love, Cassandra found and channeled her company LEVEL UP.

LEVEL UP is a movement for RADICAL FREEDOM, it has become a HOME for angels to find their wings to FLY again or lay their wings down and know it is always OKAY to just BE. LEVEL UP is here as a social movement, a daily conscious intention, a way of life and a conscious commitment to SELF.

Along the journey of creating her OWN fairy-tale she is in the process of writing THE LEVEL UP METHOD. A guide on how to Unwire the Fear. Rewire with Love. A deep exploration on how to uncover your personal legend and live into your moments to create your ultimate fairy-tale.

LEVEL UP is a mirror of living a life where YOU get to create your story to uncover the TRUTH of why YOU chose this TIME, THIS REALM AND THIS DIMENSION.

86,400 Moments in a day. How many MOMENTS are you checking into the game? Consciously showing up for? Consciously choosing into?

How many MOMENTS go by where you feel Unheard? Unseen? Or Misunderstood? OR HAVE NO IDEA WHERE YOU EVEN ARE?

The truth is most of us stop listening to ourselves and stop truly seeing ourselves for the beautiful creations that WE ARE.

From years of compromising our truest wants, needs, and desires we HIT THE WALL and learn to silence our voice, and not look directly in the mirror. We begin to numb by daily distractions, old wires, stagnant energy, substance abuse or relationships that no longer serve us.

Through years of abuse, pain and suffering which led to her death, Cassandra understands the depth of what it feels like to flow through this world lost, numb and invisible. The struggle of wanting to check back into this game. What it is like to HIT THE WALL , LITERALLY and metaphorically.

Ask yourself a question in this moment: Are you ready to see yourself? Are you ready to hear yourself? To REPROGRAM yourself? To FREE YOURSELF?


–Cassandra Mary Bauer, Founder, I am LEVEL UP

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