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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Terry Ashby Larkin

March 11, 2017

NDEr; Author of "The Light Gap: God's Amazing Presence."

In 1982 Terry died in a car accident. She was pronounced dead, but she survived. Terry found herself looking down at her body in the center of a frantic scene at the hospital. She was drawn into luminescent, white light, full of pure love. Her Inner Divine Spirit awakened with her Near-Death Experience message of pure love, filled with amazing healing potential.

At first, Terry feared being misunderstood. Only her friends and family knew. She spent years researching the connection between the human brain, science, spirituality and the ability to heal ourselves. In 2006 when serious health problems plagued Terry, she started to revisit what she learned from her long buried NDE. She knew a life full of countless medications and sickness was not why she came back from death.

Terry is now healthy, drug free, and committed to sharing the wisdom she has acquired to help others find love, peace, and healing amidst the difficult times in their own lives.

In March of 2015, Terry received the West Michigan Character Council award for Boldness, boosting her confidence to keep writing and sharing her experiences. She helps us understand that pure love emanating from the heart sends healing messages to our bodies as well as to the universe. Our world desperately needs all of us sending pure messages of love, compassion, and peace.

Terry has been living in Holland, MI, for 29 years with her husband Doug. She taught in the Holland Public Schools for 24 years before retiring. During these years she spent 10 years leading environmental excursions for middle and high school students from across the country into the Amazon Basin in Peru, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Costa Rica, and Kenya. Terry and Doug also lived for a short time in Tennessee, Colorado and Germany. They now have three grown sons and four delightful grandchildren.

Her book, *The Light Gap*, was written with her sister, Marjorie Steiner, from Northbrook, IL. Marjorie lost her 19 year old daughter in London in 1996. Their respective Light experiences brought them together to reach out to others to help them understand that we do not die, and death is nothing to fear.

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