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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Daniel Drasin

September 9, 2017

Award winning documentary Film-maker, Photographer, and Expert in Electronic Voice Communication with the Departed. FILM WILL BEGIN AT 2 PM!

Daniel Drasin was born and raised in the New York City area and now resides near San Francisco. His interests are broadly scattered throughout the arts, sciences and humanities. Following a brief, five-semester run-in with higher education at Pratt Institute, Harvard University, and the New School, he began a career in independent filmmaking and media production that has now spanned over five decades—including a 44-year affiliation with New Dimensions Radio. Parallel to Dan's professional life has been an abiding interest in paranormal phenomena and anomalous experiences, initiated by numerous precognitive dreams during his childhood. Dan eventually became an avid investigator of the UFO phenomenon and later developed an abiding interest in various facets of afterlife research. Since the passing of his former partner Jane in 2007, Dan has received a number of unmistakable communications from her.

On Thursday, September 7, at 7 pm at the Wilmette Theater, Dan Drasin will show a 85 min. documentary film he co-produced about the *Scole Experiment*, widely recognized as the longest-running, most successful experiment in afterlife communication ever conducted. After the movie, he will continue with a conversation on the subject with Jenniffer Weigel.

On Saturday, September 9, at our regular Chicago IANDS meeting at Evanston Hospital, Dan will show his 95-minute documentary, *Calling Earth*, which probes the puzzling phenomenon of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)— apparent messages from the other side received through modern electronic and photographic devices. ITC has been well documented by researchers at least as far back as the 1950s when tape recorders first became available to the general public and unexplained voices began to show up in people’s recordings. The film provides do-it-yourself instructions for those who would like to experiment with this approach to contacting the departed. Following the break Dan will speak about his personal odyssey and will be pleased to answer any questions about his life and work.

Dan writes: “The notion of other dimensions of existence, including an afterlife…makes no sense from the perspective of modern materialism, just as the notion of a solar system made no sense in Medieval Times, when the Earth appeared to be the enter of things. However, our understanding of the natural world has always expanded as we have mustered the courage to follow the evidence where it leads. Sometimes a simple shift of perspective is all we’ve needed to let our minds comfortably encompass things formerly deemed inexplicable, impossible, or nonexistent by the academic and ideological gatekeepers of the day.”

Dan's personal website is See also his second website;, which features videos and articles about science in the service of expanded awareness.

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