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Guest Speaker: Cary Weldy

January 14, 2017

Aligns living space with energy and purpose, Author, Healer, Architect, Interior Designer, uses Sacred Geometry...

Cary Weldy is a well-known interior designer, builder, and television personality in Chicago. For the past 15 years, he has built some of the finest homes in America, including the penthouse at the Trump Tower Chicago. Cary has appeared on multiple shows on HGTV and the Fine Living Network, hosting a hit show on "My Big Amazing Renovation". In 2012, i4Design Magazine named Cary "one of the top designers in the Midwest."While so much attention is focused on inner transformation, the masters of art and architecture, including da Vinci, Plato, Vitruvius, and the ancient Egyptian temple masters, knew the power of changing energy using secret techniques and hidden wisdom.

In his talk, Interior Designer Cary Weldy will reveal the “secrets of the masters” that you can use in your home or work area to shift the energy in your life. By using these simple techniques, you will create energy fields that can clear unwanted negative energy, transform lingering grief into joy, and even remove negative spirit energy from any space.

Cary will also show examples of how the Divine Feminine energy has been lost in modern culture and architecture, and how you can restore it in your spaces to empower your life. Discover the secrets of sacred numbers, sacred geometry, and specific shapes that will literally transform how you feel. Find out how to activate and balance your chakras, which is the seat of the Divine energy in your body, to energize your life and create miracles.

Cary Weldy is the founder and owner of Cary Weldy LLC, a design and construction firm located in Chicago.  He graduated with his B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, a top-ranked engineering school in the United States. Cary worked twelve years with Fortune 500 companies, including GE, Ashland, and United Technologies, prompting the writing of his first book, *Spiritual Values in the Workplace: The Soul of Success in the 21st Century*, which was released with Hay House’s Balboa Press in September 2011.

With the entrepreneurial itch, Cary left the corporate world in 2001 to start his own firm. His innovative work in design and construction has been featured in print media nationally and on television, including a number of appearances on HGTV and the Fine Living Network. His work was also featured on the hit TV show *My Big Amazing Renovation*, where he combined four condos into a single luxury home in a notable Chicago high-rise building.  In June 2012, Cary was named as “one of the best and brightest in the design industry” by i4Design Magazine.

Based in Chicago, Cary has worked on design-and-build projects nationwide, including a penthouse in the Four Seasons in Austin, Texas, and a high-end nightclub in Montana. He also completed the design and renovation of the 7,000 square-foot penthouse in the Trump Tower in Chicago.

For the last 25 years, Cary has studied the secrets of the masters of art, architecture, and energy, including da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vitruvius, Plato, and the ancient Egyptian temple masters.  He has also extensively studied various energy and healing modalities around the country since 1991, including certifications in Polarity Energy work, QiGong, Reconnective Therapy with Herwig Schoen, advanced Pranic Healing with Master Co, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  In 2009, Cary began his apprenticeship in Native American traditions and shamanism with Hay House author and shaman Peter Calhoun.  With his collective studies in energy and healing modalities, Cary now incorporates the science of energy transformation into his work, creating healing and nurturing environments for clients while establishing a new standard for design and architecture.

In 2015, Cary launched a new brand called *Bovéda*, bringing the science of energy balancing and harmonization into his proprietary line of jewelry, artwork, and personal care products. He also continues to provide private consultations with individual and corporate clients.

In addition to writing, Cary Weldy speaks at conferences, conducts workshops, and appears as a guest on radio and television programs. He is currently finishing his next book entitled *99 Ways to Harmonize Your Home*.

**Private sessions with Cary will be available on Sunday and Monday, Jan 15 & 16, 2017.**

**Private Sessions which will be available are:**

**Energetic Balancing and Harmonization Consultation**
Energy balancing can be done on people, animals (such as pets), objects, or buildings. Some of the masters of art, architecture, and energy, such as da Vinci, Plato, and the ancient Egyptians, knew how direct various qualities of energy into objects or people. As a result, the object would begin resonating with those particular frequencies of energy, and then radiate those energy qualities. By connecting with the appropriate energies, those frequencies can begin working for you in a powerful way.

Using photos of the person, animal, or objects, Energy Designer Cary Weldy measures which energies are needed, and then infuses the image with spiritual symbols and other proprietary methods. During the process, Cary insures that the energy harmonization takes place through careful measurement. By infusing the image, the person(s), pet, or object(s) in the image literally receives those energies.

When you bring blessings to anyone or anything in your life, that power is magnified, and it also increases in time. With a photo that is blessed and then displayed, the energy continues to activate and expand. Therefore, with every client whose photo we bless, we will display your photo at our offices to allow the blessings in your life to increase.

**Home Protection**
Curses, negative thought forms, and other toxic energy streams may be piped directly into your home and adversely affecting your health, mood, prosperity, and relationships. Discover how many of these sources are sapping your personal energy and the energy in your home, and let Cary cut off these sources and create “energetic firewalls” to keep your space sacred clean!

**Energetic Smudging**
Smudging is an ancient ritual in Native American and other indigenous cultures throughout the world. In his work, Cary does a similar work using energetic processes to clear toxic energy in your space, and then create harmonious energy fields in various rooms in your home.

**Art Consultation**
In this powerful consultation, Cary will demonstrate how your art is creating your future. Cary will work with you to explore what you want to achieve in your life, and then identify which artwork in your home or office is disempowering your goals, and suggest simple, inexpensive art or accessories can help you materialize your objectives! Clients love the results!

**Toxic Earth Line Harmonization**
Toxic earth lines are harmful energy fields that can cause disease, neurological and sleep disturbances, and other issues. These toxic lines can include Benker, Hartmann, and Curry Lines. Cary will identify these lines remotely in your home, then harmonize them for optimal health.

**Electromagnetic Field Harmonization**
Do you suffer from EMF sensitivity? Cary will help you harmonize the EMFs in your home or work space, including radiation from microwave frequencies, cell phone towers and antennas, power lines outside your home, appliances, and other sources of electromagnetic radiation.

**Smart Meter Balancing**
Smart Meters are very toxic, and Cary will energetically balance yours for better health! In this consultation, you can bring or send via email photos of your smart meter to Cary, and he will shift the toxic components of the microwave frequencies that may be causing health issues.

**Sleep Consultation**
Does insomnia plague you? In this consultation, you will discover what elements may be keeping you awake, including art, fixtures, shapes, colors, or furniture. Cary will also provide you with easy tips and suggestions of elements to put in your space for better sleep.

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