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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Elizabeth Romo

February 11, 2017

Evidential Medium, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher and Angel Consultant

*Sent by God, angels are a source of support and assistance to humanity. They bring Divine energy to us, if we accept it.*

*Elizabeth will discuss how she came to know and work closely with the energy and purpose of angels, and how we can connect and accept these angelic gifts.*

*During this presentation, Elizabeth will also facilitate A GUIDED HEALING MEDITATION WITH THE ANGELIC REALM which will offer healing and peace of heart and mind to all.*

Elizabeth Romo (O.M.C., Cht., L.B.L.) was born intuitive and empathic. In 1993 she had an intuitive reading which culminated in a personal message to Elizabeth from the angels that said "It's time to do your work," which motivated her to really get going and take her gifts seriously. She has been counseling a nation-wide portfolio of clients since then.

Elizabeth shares that the intention of her business, *A Haven For Angels,* is to help individuals become aware of the many ways angels touch their lives, and that angelic inspiration, information and actions can bring key solutions and transformation to one's life. She derives much personal satisfaction from watching her clients evolve with her help and the help of her guides and angels.

Elizabeth has a BA in Psychology from Northeastern Illinois University. She is an evidential medium, a Karuna Reiki Master, a certified hypnotherapist, and a Quantum Touch practitioner. She was trained by Brian Weiss as a Past Life Regressionist and at The Newton Institute to do Life Between Lives regressions.

She is a *Pathways of Light* ordained minister and has authored a colorful picture book for young children, *You Are The One, You Are Love,* which is a reminder to all of us about what is known in our hearts. She lives in a northwest suburb of Chicago.

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