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Guest Speaker: Toni Ann Winninger

January 12, 2013

NDEr, Channeler, Author of 7 books about the other side....

From medical technologist to social worker, then from sales representative to director of education of a paramedical trade school, and finally as a lawyer serving for 27 years as a state prosecutor, I always sought “The Answer.” In those days I had an insatiable desire to know the factual basis of everything encountered, and to learn what was needed to present my perception of the facts to others, cogently and convincingly.

In those days you would have been told that if you couldn’t pick something up and throw it, then it didn’t exist. If a motive or alibi could not be documented, I didn’t want to hear it. My left brain, the hard-drive calculator part of me, was in charge. Never feeling emotions because they got in the way of deduction, I could not accept something based upon hearsay—how would I ever prove to someone else beyond a reasonable doubt that a non-physical energy or an emotion had an impact upon the physical?

Then one day, while walking my dog in the forest preserve, I heard a voice say, “Why do you hate yourself?” Now, with such a rational background, you would think that my first reaction would be to ignore any voice since it was quite evident that the only two physical beings in those trees were the dog and me—but I didn’t. Although I saw no one, I did feel a presence, so I followed usual court behavior and started arguing with the voice: It was wrong; I didn’t hate myself; where did you ever get such an idea? Back and forth we went until quite exhausted. Then came a new question: “Well then, let’s start with what you don’t like about yourself.” The flood gates burst open and, for the first time in my life, I let my emotions out.

That simple walk in the woods started an inner search for the real Toni Ann Winninger. Who was I really? What was I hiding deep inside? What was I running away from? And on, and on, and on, until I began to walk down my soul’s spiritual pathway. I envied people who could communicate with their guides. Raised Catholic, I was pretty sure there were such things as guardian angels—the nuns used to give me little cards with their pictures on them. A mentor of mine, through hypnotherapy, then helped me open my doors to my personal guides, which started a dialogue that continues to this day.

While I was getting ready to retire from my position as a senior criminal prosecuting trial attorney with the Cook County (Chicago) State’s Attorney’s Office, my guides recruited me to be their voice to the world. I did not even know what a channeler was when they told me they wanted me to convey their messages to others. Now I translate messages from them weekly and place them on the website they had us construct for that purpose.

Do I know “beyond a reasonable doubt” that these spiritual guides exist? Absolutely! During my years of doing readings for people, they have delivered messages through me, time and again, which I have seen create positive change in people’s lives. They constantly give me information, the truth of which I have absolutely no way of knowing, yet I do know with certainty now because I can feel their energy, their sincerity, their mirth, and best of all, their unconditional love for all of us incarnate here on planet Earth.

The Masters of the Spirit World simply ask me to take the energetic vibrations that they send through me and tune them, translate them, for all the world to have. What are you to do with those words? The same as I do. You must use your freedom of choice to feel whether they should be part of your reality, and if so, then you may embrace them as I embrace my work for the non-physical, wonderful beings at Home on the other side.

I had my first NDE during a tonsillectomy at the age of 7, it scared me because of an emergency with another patient just as I was coming back. My next one occurred at 15 when I dove off a cliff, slipped launching myself, propelling me into an overhang. I had a life review and a lot of things felt different afterwards. Shortly thereafter I was talked out of most of my feelings by the nuns in high school. Everything became very physically judgmental until the above incident. Since then I have had OBEs and constant contact with the non-physical world.

I have channeled seven books and two pamphlets and am working on an eighth. I travel the world doing channeling, presenting workshops, and teaching self-help spiritual enlightenment courses. I have been working in Singapore, Hong Kong, all over Malaysia, all over the United Kingdom and in Paris. I have Skype and phone clients all over the world including Germany, Brazil, Spain, Australia, Costa Rico just to mention a few.

Toni Ann Winninger

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