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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: RaNelle Wallace

December 8, 2012

NDEr; Author of "The Burning Within", Died in a fiery plane crash and survived, met her yet unborn son on the other side....

On October 9, 1985, RaNelle and Terry Wallace tried to fly their single-engine airplane through a snowstorm in central Utah. They became disoriented and crashed against the side of a mountain, turning their small craft into a raging inferno. Terry emerged almost unscathed, but RaNelle suffered severe burns and died six hours later in an ambulance. What happened to her then has captured the hearts of thousands who have heard of her incredible journey beyond this life. While in heaven, she met her son who was not yet born into the world. This aspect of her experience makes her near-death very unique.

But this is more than a near-death story. RaNelle's tenacity and courage in overcoming her burns propelled her into a life of success and service. Within two years she had served as a counselor for hundreds of other burn victims, established various educational and support groups, received many awards and citations, and was named California Woman of the Year. But of more import to RaNelle, she had found herself. The searing torture she felt while being burned alive was only a prelude to the pain she experienced battling, and finally overcoming, her inner fears.

After recovering from devastating injuries suffered in the plane accident, RaNelle Wallace turned outward to community service and fulfillment. As a recipient of numerous commendations, including special recognition from President Ronald Reagan, RaNelle has taken her message of love and endurance to the public as a professional speaker. She has also appeared on television and major magazines and newspapers across the country. RaNelle's service also extends to Girl Scouts, numerous church groups, community boards, and to hundreds of burn victims who have benefitted from her counsel and compassion. She is currently working as co-producer of a new CNBC show.

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