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Guest Speaker: Dr. Mary Neal, MD

April 14, 2012

NDEr, A surgeon who was skeptical of near-death experiences, until she experienced her own....from Jackson, WY.

Dr. Mary Neal is a board-certified orthopaedic spine surgeon who drowned
while kayaking on a South American river. She experienced life after
death. She went to heaven and back, conversed with with angels and
experienced God's encompassing love. She was returned to Earth with
some specific instructions for the work she still needed to do. Her life has
been filled with the miracles and intervention of God. Her story
gives reason to live by faith and is a story of hope.

She returned to Earth because:

1.Her husband needed some help with his health challenges

2.Her 17-year-old son was going to be dying soon and her community would need her help to deal with his loss.

3.She needed to tell her story.

The first two items have come to pass, and she is now busy telling her story as often as possible, including in the book she has recently released, "To Heaven and Back."

Dr. Neal was born and raised in Michigan and graduated from the
University of Kentucky before attending the UCLA medical school. She
completed her orthopaedic surgery training at the University of Southern
California, after which she lived in Sweden, Switzerland, and Los Angeles
while undergoing 1 1/2 years of specialty training in spinal surgery
before becoming the director of spine surgery at USC. Five years later,
she left the University for private practice.

She currently lives and works in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where she and
her family enjoy everything the outdoors offers, especially all forms of
skiing, bicycling, boating, and hiking.

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