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Guest Speaker: Peter Sterling

May 8, 2010

NDEr; Celtic harpist, Shaman, Peter Sterling brings the music of his heavenly experience to us.

Peter Sterling had a near-death experience which was self-induced. He
took more of a Shamanic route, using sacred substances in ritual and
ceremony to induce a transcendent deathlike state where he left his body
and was taken up into the Light, and where he met the Angels and God
directly! They told him he was to go back and to be a channel for the
heavenly music which he was hearing and which permeated everything in a
glorious sound of oneness and Divine Love. This is the source of his

There have been timeless musicians throughout history whose hands seem
to be guided by unseen forces. Possessing unexplainable musical genius,
the exquisite beauty of their songs have delighted and mystified
audiences the world over, somehow connecting us closer to heaven.

Peter Sterling is one such musical treasure. A harpist of world-class
skill, Peter\'s eclectic music continues to touch the lives of thousands
around the world. Devoted listeners over the years have consistently
reported greater peace, spiritual visions, and even miraculous healings
while listening to Peter\'s heavenly albums, suggesting the astonishing
potential of his uncanny musical gifts.

A precious few can claim the musical foundations that led Peter to play
the harp. His unusual and inspiring story truly began during a series of
life-altering divine encounters while living outdoors in the peaceful
solitude of Sedona, Arizona\'s Red Rock canyons. Spending countless
hours at its sacred vortex sites practicing yoga and meditation amidst
the brilliant scenery and vast silence, Peter one day experienced a
genuine spiritual vision of angelic beings in a heavenly choir
surrounding him. In this profound vision, Peter saw himself strumming a
harp and allowing divine music to flow through him. Although Peter
showed considerable musical talent as a child, having played the piano
by ear and then dabbling with the flute and guitar over the years, music
had not been a prevalent part of his life. Overwhelmed by the grandeur
of this angelic experience, Peter waited for the next series of
synchronicities to guide his choices.

Only a week later, Peter happened to meet an accomplished harpist who
was selling a Celtic harp. Quickly acquiring the instrument and
receiving one brief music lesson, Peter retreated back to the canyons
where he humbly beseeched the heavens atop a red rock peak to allow the
music of the harp to flow through him. Almost immediately his prayers
were answered as he began to instinctively strum chords and simple
melodies. \"It was as if my hands knew what to do,\" Peter said. It
wasn\'t long before the beginning melodies matured into distinct songs,
closely resembling the heavenly tones he once heard among the silence of
the canyons.

Incredibly, Peter recorded his first album, Harp Magic, after a mere ten
months with the harp, demonstrating a skill-level most experts would
consider impossible after such a brief time. Nevertheless, this is the
\"magic\" of Peter\'s remarkable story. Harp Magic went on to be
nominated for the \"Naird Indie Award\" for best string album of 1994--a
national honor.

In 2004, Peter\'s cd \"Harp Dream\'s\" went to #1 on the N.A.R. top 100
radio playlist for 8 weeks making it the most played new age music cd in
the United States, Canada and Europe. And was then nominated for \"Album
of the Year\" by the same organization! As a result Peter signed with
the prestigious record label \"Real Music\" for the world wide release
of his CD \"Shadow,Mist and Light\". His earlier celestial sounds have
evolved into a contemporary instrumental mix of world fusion, with an
impressive advancement in his melodies complexity, groove, and
inspirational quality, sounding at once seductive, hip, and angelic.

Peter\'s music continues to broaden in its appeal. Offering flavors of
jazz, classical, world music, and New Age styles, Peter\'s music can be
as rhythmic as it is healing. Peter tours extensively, performing his
unique style of harp music to appreciative audiences the world over.

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