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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Betty Esthelle

June 12, 2010

NDEr; RN; 83 yrs. young; Healer; healed self from cancer; amazing inspirational woman from Portland, OR, area.

Betty Esthelle, RN, 82 years young as of April 25, 2009, is a registered
nurse who became a psychotherapist, then a healer, then a teacher of

In 1984, as a result of her involvement in healing herself after a
diagnosis of lymphoma and a near death experience, Betty re-named her
work and originated Body Enlightenment. Betty was able to induce a
spontaneous remission and has been cancer free since 1986.

While Body Enlightenment has helped many people and can be learned by
everyone, graduates of Betty\'s 3 year professional certification
program up to now have been exclusively medical doctors, psychologists
and psychotherapists, all in Europe.

Betty\'s unique, creative, gentle approach includes expertise in
hands-on deep healing and profound transformation of trauma into wisdom,
inner child healing with resolution and empowerment.

Betty is well trained in both traditional medicine and esoteric healing.
Among the teachers and methods she has studied are: Oscar Ichazo, Taoist
Grand Master Share K Lew, Ilana Rubenfeld, Rabbi Zalman
Schacter-Shalomi, Leonard Orr, Moshe Feldenkrais, Native American
traditions, dance, art, movement, nutrition, shamanism, biofield
therapeutics, Gestalt therapy, and other healing modalities.

St. Germain of The Ascended Masters calls her the \"Grand Dame of
Healing,\" and Chief Joseph honors and sponsors her work.

Betty relocated to Vancouver, WA in 1999 from San Francisco to be nearer
her 3 grandchildren.

It has been said that a session with Betty is magical and
transformational - every time. We are working to make private sessions
available. More info to come about this.

For more information, please go to: [


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