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Image by Nick Scheerbart

Guest Speaker: Ayleyaell

February 13, 2010

2 NDEs; Gifted healer from San Diego

Ayleyaell is a certified SHEN Therapist, Rubenfeld Synergist and Flower
Essence Practitioner, who has a heart-centered healing practice, and
uses shen energy and trained, refined chi, also known as qi, or prana,
to assist her clients to relax and release physical and emotional pain
held in their bodies. She has also done advanced training with Dr. Eric
Pearl and offers The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing.

From childhood on, Alyeyaell considered herself to have been fortunate
to meet, be mentored by and study with some of the very best teachers in
a wide range of traditions and cultures. She is the daughter of a
psychologist, Sol Froshnider, and a registered nurse, NDEr Betty
Esthelle, who became a psychotherapist, orchestrated her own spontaneous
remission of cancer, and developed the healing modality <i>Body
Enlightenment. </i>

Background: Ayleyaell is a graduate of Ilana Rubenfeld\'s very first
training in Rubenfeld Synergy (then called Gestalt Synergy). She taught
for Arica Institute; practiced Tai Chi with Fred Lehrman; walked the
high Sierras studying flower essences with the founders of the FES,
Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski; rebirthed with Leonard Orr at Walden
and Campbell Hot Springs; was initiated into Magnified Healing by Lady
Master Kwan Yin and Asha; and breathed and prayed the ho\'oponopono with
Sondra Ray. She traveled to China twice with her Taoist master Sifu
Share K. Lew, who is a youthful 92.

Ayleyaell\'s two Near-Death Experiences gave her an understanding of how
a physical body becomes contracted and how to access the energy and
compassion to release and transform pain into wisdom.

Her name is pronounced \"Ā - Lee - Elle.\" It is a name that began as a
humming in her bones during meditation in 1994. Over the next few weeks
the humming grew more distinct when she meditated until she heard the
syllables Ayleyaell clearly and shared her experience with one of her
spiritual teachers who told her it is the sound of her essence. It is
now her legal name.

Healing sessions with Ayleyaell will be available on Sunday, Monday and
Tuesday, February 14, 15, and 16. $125/hr. Call Chicago IANDS at
847.251.5758 for an appointment.

For more information, please go to: [ **][1].


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