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Jay Stone, DCH


June 14, 2008

NDEr; Hypnotherapist; explores Past-Lives and Healing, making amazing changes in people's lives.

Jay Stone, DCH, will tell us about his Near-Death Experience when he was
six years old, and how it affected his life.

Jay Stone started his hypnotherapy career in the early 1980s as an
affiliate with Partners in Healing, a physician-directed health-care
clinic. Most of his work involves health problems, including anxiety,
cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, pain management, smoking cessation and
weight loss. Dr. Stone has received an American Board of Hypnotherapy
\"Special Recognition Award\" three times for his hypnotherapy

As the host of Inner Quest, a Chicago-area cable television show, he and
his guests discuss ancient and modern healing arts and the many paths
leading to self-discovery. Dr. Stone has interviewed Daniel Amen, Joan
Borysenko, Ram Dass, Larry Dossey, Judith Orloff, Bernie Siegel and
other best-selling authors.

Jay Stone\'s first patient was himself! In his very first self-hypnosis
session in 1982, he ended his twenty-year nail-biting habit. He next
applied hypnosis to his own weight problem. Since 1983 he has not gained
back any of the fifty pounds he lost thanks to hypnosis. Dr. Stone has
not missed a day of self-hypnosis since that successful first experience
in 1982. Pursuing his life\'s work and utilizing his own unique skills
since that time, he has helped people in all walks of life achieve their
physical, emotional and financial goals.

Because of Stone\'s knowledge of hypnosis and past life regression, Hidden Treasures Production and Koch Vision featured him in a documentary film which was released in March, 2007. His book,<i> Sacred Cycles</i>, explains how mental, emotional and spiritual development are both a process and product of cycles and how the brain, body and mind experience multiple trances each day. An experienced speaker, Jay Stone is a trained hypnotherapist. He earned
his doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy (DCH) from the American Institute
of Hypnotherapy, a Master of Business Administration degree from Loyola
University and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of

For more information, please see Dr. Stone\'s web site: [


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